MCON Blog | 4 Moments to Relive from MCON 2017
MCON is an annual event that brings together nonprofit leaders, activists and entrepreneurs to understand today’s social movements and how to turn interest in an issue into action. 
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4 Moments to Relive from MCON 2017

4 Moments to Relive from MCON 2017

Thank you for making MCON 2017 unforgettable. Because of you, MCON 2017 drew nearly 1,000 attendees in person and thousands more online. The passion we saw from leaders, entrepreneurs and cause enthusiasts proves that people are truly inspired to change the world – for good.

Whether you made it to Washington D.C. this year, watched via the MCON Livestream or are kicking yourself because you missed both, check out these four iconic moments from MCON 2017.

1. Allison Williams discussing social justice and education

2. Nnamdi Asomougha and Carl King on “Crown Heights”

3. Christina Tosi on giving back through entrepreneurship 

4. Michael Lastoria on &pizza fighting for wage equality

Ready to be part of MCON 2018? We’re already planning for next year’s event, so make sure you sign up for our news and announcements!

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